The Vicious Cycle of Infertility

The Vicious Cycle of Infertility

I recently explored why I believe it’s good to talk about infertility, but this didn’t address the reasons why we’re afraid to talk about it in the first place. I want to thank to my lovely Instagram followers who have kindly shared their reasons why they find it difficult to open up.

I found that there were three main reasons why we feel we are unable to share our struggle to conceive, although different they are all very much connected. Over a series of blog posts I will share my thoughts about how we might be able to see them differently and work towards breaking that taboo.


I’m by no means saying that you have to open up and talk about your infertility struggles, you can still choose not to, but what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t feel like you can’t talk about it.

I call it ‘The Vicious Cycle of Infertility’:

We don’t talk about infertility and so…

  • We fear being seen as a failure…
  • We feel isolated…
  • We fear what people will say…

…and because of this we don’t say anything.

The only way to break this cycle is to raise awareness, to talk and share our stories.

That is what Defining Mum is all about – not only talking about how my infertility journey has defined me as a Mum but also talking about the struggle to become a Mum – Chasing Motherhood and what the experiences have taught me.

Everyone has a different story, it is sharing these stories that make us feel less alone.

Love, Becky x

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