The Power of Sharing – Guest Blog coming soon!

The Power of Sharing – Guest Blog coming soon!

After such an amazing response on Instagram to Fertility Support Saturday I can honestly say that now I believe even more in the power of sharing. I was incredibly nervous speaking on video face to face but it felt like the only way I could really get my true feelings across (you can still find these videos on my Instagram profile (@definingmum) in the highlights reel entitled ‘Ask Us Anything’). And I’m so glad I did, the responses I have received have literally blown me away, as has the response I have received through the blog pages. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to feedback – it makes everything I am doing so worth it. When I started writing my blog I said that if I could help just one person who was experiencing the same pain and facing the difficult decisions I once did then I would be happy. Well, after the number of contacts I have had I can safely say that I am ecstatic!!

I decided to include some of the quotes (see below) I have received through Instagram as a reminder of how powerful it can be to share a story. It’s a reminder to me of why I am doing what I am doing and hopefully an encouragement to others to share their story and start some conversations. Together we can all play a part in raising awareness and making people feel that they are not alone!

I know it isn’t always easy to share stories for many different reasons, I am very grateful that my husband and family are supportive of me sharing our journey so openly. If it isn’t as easy for you to share then there are ways of sharing through others that can be just as impactful. For this reason, I will be soon starting a ‘Guest Blog’ as part of Defining Mum – to allow others who may not want to be as visible to share their thoughts, reflections and advice for others. I already have a few guest bloggers lined up – one is an absolutely amazing lady who was my inspiration when I was facing my darkest time.

Each Guest Blog will look to achieve the 3 things that I set out to do when sharing my story with you all:

💛 To change perceptions

💛 To encourage understanding

💛 To give hope

If anyone else has a story, some thoughts or reflections to share that could help others to change perceptions, encourage understanding and give hope then please get in touch with me. As always, I would love to hear from you.


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