Update – What To Expect From Defining Mum

Update – What To Expect From Defining Mum

I’m grateful to have gained many new followers recently (Hi! 👋) and so I thought now would be a good time to post a refresher about why I set up this account and what I am trying to do!

I repost this image above from a post shared by Bud Fertility for two reasons; firstly, it links to a feature of my story for those who aren’t aware (see becky-kearns-donor-egg-transfer). And secondly, the line I wrote above means so much – as hellish as my journey was, I gained so much from the experiences, became a more grateful Mum because of it and I have learnt what defines me as a Mum (hence the name!).

I started this blog, Instagram account and Facebook page simply to tell my story but it has become so much more. It sparked something inside me to start raising awareness of fertility struggles and the reality of donor egg conception. When I was considering the move to donor eggs I struggled to find real stories that I could connect and relate to, to show me that genetics aren’t everything when it comes to being a Mum.

Not only do I wish to give HOPE to those still trying but I also want to support wherever I can. My Fertility Support Saturday initiative on Instagram has recently been launched, with a group of inspiring ladies sharing their journeys and also offering support. We recently shared our responses to your questions, with many posed to me about my path to becoming a Mum through Donor Eggs. You can find these in my Instagram profile (@definingmum) by simply following me and looking at my highlights reel  where there are two video reels entitled ‘Ask Us Anything’.

I’m also expanding beyond the blog to soon set up a local support group and am raising funds for Fertility Network UK. My latest collaboration with Harls & Ted is part of my campaign to start opening up conversations about fertility and at the same time raise money for Fertility Network UK (whilst supporting a lovely small business) – check out my recent post on my Instagram grid to see how you can buy your ‘Chasing Motherhood’ or ‘Mum in the Making’ Sweat.

So, all in all, you can expect from me… 

💛 Continuing blog posts on my journey to Motherhood, my life as a Mum to my 3 girls and general fertility related reflections

💛 Sharing of support and advice

💛 Hope – in the sharing of my life as a Mum to my 3 girls.

💛 Guest Blog coming soon sharing more inspirational stories


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