Instalive Series – The Emotional Decisions of Donor Conception

Instalive Series – The Emotional Decisions of Donor Conception

I’m so excited to announce my new collaboration with the wonderful Jana Rupnow – a qualified fertility counsellor, specialising in donor conception. Jana has written ‘Three Makes Baby’ which is a fantastic starting point for reading if you are considering having a child with the use of a donor.

I first connected with Jana after listening to her recent podcast with @fertilitypoddy. What she said resonated with me so much that it inspired me to write a reflective post about the grief I had felt for the loss of my fertility and my inability to have a genetic child. We talked and realised that together we could provide insights by combining my ‘reality’ with Jana’s knowledge.

This initiative also falls within the spirit of my campaign to get more people talking and raise awareness – #letsstartsomeconversations. We wanted to provide a platform for an interactive discussion about key emotional decision points relating to donor conception, not only for those facing that decision now but also those that may consider donation later down the line. When I was trying to decide which way to turn, all I wanted to see was a positive reality and understand the concepts that I may have to face should I go down the donor egg route. That’s what we hope we can provide – some comfort and support to those still facing these incredibly tough emotional decisions.

The series will be split into three interactive sessions where I will talk about my personal feelings and experiences, whilst Jana will share professional experience from meeting with hundreds of intended parents and donors over the last decade. Her personal experience of being genetically different from her family will give you a glimpse into what it means when family has “a few different genes.” We’ll also be asking you to get involved by sending us your questions.

The majority of questions I receive tend to fall within the following topic areas, and so we have decided to focus on 3 ‘episodes’ covering:
1. Dealing with grief and making the decision to use a donor
2. Parental attachment concerns
3. Sharing the story with your child

The Instalive videos can be accessed through IGTV on my Instagram page @definingmum.

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