Event – DefiningMum presents…

Event – DefiningMum presents…

Donor Decisions and Beyond

I am beyond excited to announce the reality of what has been my vision for the past year – a day dedicated to those needing to use a donor to build their family. On Saturday 2nd May, at a gorgeous venue in central London, I will be hosting my very first event!

Saturday 2nd May – 9.30am-4.30pm Mary Ward House, Tavistock Place, London. WC1H 9SN.

It will be an opportunity to come together for the day in a safe, supportive space to share stories, make connections and ask questions – all incredibly important steps to help make important decisions and start ‘building your tribe’.

We’ll be sharing a variety of experiences and perspectives, with an interactive panel featuring egg and sperm donor recipients, as well as someone who is donor conceived themselves. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and hear inspirational positive realities – all important ways to start visualising how things might work out for you.

Over a two course lunch, I’ll be encouraging something I feel so passionately about – the making of connections. My hope is for you to meet others in the same position, those who understand, who can cheer you on and be your support throughout. You never know, you might even meet future family friends for your donor conceived children to grow up knowing as part of their own ‘tribe’!

Finally, we’ll be joined by Julianne Boutaleb, a Consultant Perinatal Psychologist and Founder of Parenthood In Mind . Julianne and I will be facilitating a session to encourage you to explore some of your own fears and emotions that come hand-in-hand with using a donor. My hope is that it will validate your feelings, help you to understand them, and know that you’re not alone. I truly believe that by being more aware of our feelings now, we can start to work through them to best prepare ourselves for parenthood.  

As well as the emotional focus, there will be practical advice available too – with clinic information about how a donor cycle works, again with the opportunity for you to ask questions.

It’s been created around everything my followers have told me they wanted, alongside exactly what support I needed back when I was making the decision to use a donor.

Tickets are on sale now! Click the following link to buy yours. I’d love to meet you in real life and hope to see you there!


Love, Becky x

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