Paths to Parenthub & DefiningMum are collaborating with Apricity and Altrui

When I first launched my virtual donor conception support platform Paths to Parenthub I said that I wanted emotional support to be recognised as an essential part of the donor conception journey, not just an optional extra. I particularly wanted fertility clinics to recognise this and for donor conception not to be seen solely as a ‘practical’ process, but one that is often complex and requires deep emotional consideration, not just for us as patients now but to prepare us to best support our future children too.

That’s why I’m delighted to announce Paths to Parenthub’s first clinic partnership with Apricity and Altrui, to offer another layer of emotional support to their patients on this journey in addition to the practical support they are providing in helping then to grow their family. Apricity and Altrui are sister companies. Apricity is the fertility treatment arm of Altrui, and Altrui – with a pregnancy rate of 79% (the highest in the UK) – is the egg donation arm of Apricity. With this partnership, throughout 2021 they will be giving all of their egg donor recipients the opportunity to access Paths to Parenthub with a free 3 month membership.

After collaborating with Apricity and Altrui on a series of informative webinars in 2020 I’m delighted to be working with them again. I love their ethos and genuine aim to provide a smooth, warm and supportive journey for their patients. I’m going to be joined for an Instalive on my DefiningMum instagram account this Thursday 11th March at 7pm by Altrui’s Lead, Jane Holman, where we’ll chat about the importance of emotional support as well as a little bit more about how they work.

For so long now I’ve wanted to provide a space filled with information, support and connection opportunities for all different stages of the journey. Less than 6 months since launching, I feel proud that Paths to Parenthub has also been recognised and valued at a clinic level, so that patients will have the opportunity to feel more supported, informed and connected whilst embarking on their path to parenthood.

You can read more about our partnership and what Altrui offer through the following links:

If anyone ever has any questions about the information and support that is available through DefiningMum and Paths to Parenthub please just let me know!
Becky x