Hi, I’m Becky!

 I’m Becky, an incredibly grateful 34 year old donor egg IVF mum to three beautiful girls. I live in the UK with my husband Matt as well as Mila, aged 3 and twins Eska and Lena, aged 2. Before becoming a mum I was a HR Professional, working in numerous people focused roles across a number of well-known organisations. After having our twins I made the decision to leave my career and focus on raising them, whilst starting to build on my passion to support others who were in the same place that I’d once been.

At the end of 2018 my best friend kindly built me a blog site to allow me to start sharing our story, which is when DefiningMum was born. I use the name ‘DefiningMum’ because this whole journey allowed me to redefine what it really means to be a mum. It allowed me to realise that mothering is an act, an intention and what we do every single day, it isn’t solely defined by sharing genetics. I feel grateful and honoured to have made so many connections just through sharing my reflections, learnings and parenting journey and hope to make many more.