ReDefining Parenthood Podcast

Hosted by Becky of DefiningMum, The Redefining Parenthood (RP) podcast focuses on family building when using a donor, featuring stories where a difficult trying to conceive journey has unexpectedly led them towards this path. Through personal stories, Becky shares relatable conversations as she talks to her guests about the hope and the expectations, alongside feelings of shame, dealing with genetic loss, family resemblances, talking to others and importantly to our children about this lesser discussed family building story.

Over the coming weeks, she’ll be speaking with a range of special guests, all at different stages of their family building journey. She’ll also be joined on each episode by Julianne Boutaleb, Perinatal Psychologist from Parenthood in Mind, as they delve further into a particular feeling, to help bring it out of the shadows and give it meaning. “My hope is that this will provide comfort, give hope, offer insights, provoke thoughts and validate this very complex and emotional path to parenthood.”