I understand just how hard Mother’s Day is; without a doubt it’s one of the most difficult times of the year for those experiencing fertility struggles and suffering loss. So much emphasis is put on the one thing that we want more than anything – it is literally EVERYWHERE! Even now, I still wince at the adverts, knowing how I’d felt a few years ago, as they talk about the sacrifices that Mum’s make and how special all Mums truly are. It’s right that Mums are celebrated – they are wonderful – but don’t forget that YOU are also all of these things.

Whilst the world is celebrating Mothers on this day, and you may be honouring your own, you must also not forget that YOU should be commended too. As we celebrate the unconditional love and the sacrifices Mothers make, remember that you are already making countless sacrifices every day, just to bring life into the world. Physical sacrifices, financial, lifestyle changes, and so many complex emotions – you are already showing the very meaning of unconditional love and selflessness. YOU are Mums-in-the-making, something that should also be recognised – this post is a reminder of just how special YOU are on this day too. Just think how lucky these future children are going to be…having parents who sacrificed so much just to bring them into the world.

It may not happen in the way you originally thought, but don’t lose hope – it can happen. I’d never considered that my children wouldn’t be genetically related to me and I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter one bit – not sharing DNA doesn’t make me any less of a Mother to my girls. Genetics are irrelevant when it comes to being a Mum, there is SO much more to it and I know that I am just as special and important as all the other Mums out there.

So, instead of posting ‘survival tips’ I wanted to show maybe how you could approach the day with a different mindset and perspective. Look after yourself – go for a long walk with a loved one, avoid triggering social media, do things that make you happy. Ultimately, remember not to lose hope and praise yourself on this day – you are already sacrificing yourself for your child, you’re already mothering… and that is special.